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It's official... Pop Seagull Publishing is hosting a room party at Polaris 25! If you're in Toronto on the weekend of July 15th, why not come visit us?


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Our Top Sellers

Monsters and Mist Anthology

Monsters and Mist: A Fantasy Short Story Collection

Now, in one collection, are five original short stories by fantasy/horror author Elizabeth Hirst. From the excitement and swordplay of 'Beyond Nemra' to the unique and powerful worldbuilding of 'Mr. Oon', this book offers a glimpse into fantastic new worlds... and a few unusual looks at our own world, as well.

Contains: Made of the Mist, Teddy Bear's Picnic, Ground Cover, Beyond Nemra and Mr. Oon

Available now on Smashwords for all major e-reading formats

Coming soon to print-on-demand!






Mr. Oon e-book

Mr. Oon, by Elizabeth Hirst

Genya lives in a world where the sky is an ocean, and the sun is a great, gold fish that the people worship as a God. When an attempt to build a scaffold to the sky causes the ocean to spring a leak, raining sea creatures and salt water over the hapless town of Merdona, Genya must find a way to plug the hole, or lose everything in a wash of sea water and destruction.

Available now on Smashwords for all e-reading formats!






























































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